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Join us for the 2019-2020 bowling season! The official season began on Monday, September 9th at Boston Bowl, but we could always use more bowlers! Practice begins at 7:00pm but new members are encouraged to arrive early for registration.

Here are some memorable moments to kick off our 44th Season.

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2019-2020 MNBL Bowling Rules


MNBL Mission Statement
To provide a safe, structured environment where the LGBTQ community and their friends, regardless of skill level, can enjoy the sport of candlepin bowling.

MNBL Rules for 2019-2020
The Executive Committee for the 2019-2020 season of the Monday Night Bowling League has voted to maintain and follow the Mission Statement, Definition of Unsportsmanlike Conduct, and League Rules as set forth by preceding committees

    Any conduct derogatory to the best interest of the League, including, but not limited to, any of the following:

    1. Physical abuse of another person and/or their property/equipment, including theft.

    2. Verbal abuse, harassment, or intolerance of other people.

    3. Refusal to abide by the generally accepted rules of the sport, including cheating on scoring.

    4. Misappropriation/theft of League funds or dues.

    5. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs on the premises, or unsportsmanlike behavior while under the influence of either.

    6. Profanity, insofar as other bowlers are offended.

  • Procedure
    The offended bowler should first contact his or her team captain to see if the offending behavior can be stopped. Often, if bowlers are made aware of relatively minor misconduct, situations can be prevented from escalating further.

    Depending on the seriousness of the conduct, a bowler may ask the team captain to bring a formal complaint (either written or verbal) before the Executive Committee for possible disciplinary action. However, there may be some circumstances where the individual bowler may bring a formal complaint about another bowler directly to the Committee. Once the Committee receives a formal complaint, it will meet to investigate the situation, and consider possible disciplinary action.

  • Disciplinary Action
    The Executive Committee will use the following guidelines in dealing with members who behave in an unsportsmanlike manner.

    1. Verbal warning
    2. Written warning with a one-week suspension
    3. Expulsion

    Depending on the severity of the situation, the Executive Committee can override any of the above guidelines.

  • Grievance Procedure
    Any member who is expelled from the League has the right to have a vote conducted to appeal the Committee’s decision. If such a vote is requested, three people would conduct the distribution of ballots and counting of votes. These three people would be mutually agreed upon by the aggrieved party and the Executive Committee. If the League votes 66% in favor of the member’s reinstatement, the Committee’s decision would be reversed, and the member would be reinstated to the League.
    The following rules have been adapted from the Rules and Regulations of the International Candlepin Bowling Association (I.C.B.A.) and accepted by the League as set forth in previous seasons.

    1. The League consists of 14 teams. Each team will have up to five or six bowlers. Returning teams of four or more bowlers have priority in establishing teams for the new season, providing the four people are present on opening night. Any displaced bowlers have priority in being assigned to other teams.

    2. There will be 30 weeks of bowling consisting of two 15-week halves. If for any reason bowling is canceled, that week will be made up at the end of the half or season.

    3. All 30 weeks will count toward each team’s total record and will be used to seed the six teams that make the roll-offs.

    4. The top three teams of the first half and the top three teams of the second half (excluding any team placed in the first half) will compete in the roll-offs.

    5. Roll-offs will begin the Monday following the last Monday night of regular season play. There areno substitutions allowed during the rolloffs. If a bowler is absent the team will assesed a five pin penalty for the absent bowler (deducted from the bowler’s average).

    6. All permanent bowlers will pay a non-refundable Registration Fee of $20 on opening night to secure their spot on a team. Substitute bowlers will be not be charged a registration fee, unless or until he/she joins the league and is assigned to a team.

    7. League Dues

      1. B. If a bowler will be out for a medical reason for more than three weeks, the Treasurer

    must be contacted so medical leave can be arranged.

      1. Dues for bowlers on a medical leave will be $8.00 per week if the Treasurer is contacted before the leave.

    C. All dues owed from previous seasons must be paid in full before a bowler will be allowed to rejoin the League.

    8. Averages:

      1. A. All bowlers with an established average from the previous season will use that average to determine the team’s handicap for the first two weeks. New bowlers will use the League average for the first two weeks.

    B. After the first six strings of bowling, new averages and handicaps will be used for all bowlers. Handicaps will be based on 80% of the difference of the bowler’s average and 120.

    [Handicap = .80 x (120 – Average)]

    New bowlers who join the League in the middle of the year will need six strings of bowling to establish an average.

    9. Substitutes:

    When a team member is absent, a substitute (if available) will be assigned to the team. When a substitute with an established average bowls in place of an absent bowler, the substitute’s average is used, and the team handicap is recalculated. Substitutes will first be assigned to those teams who are missing the most bowlers. Then, substitutes will be assigned in lane order starting with lane 1. If a team member is absent and a substitute bowler is not available, the team will use the bowler’s average minus 5 for the scores. If a team member is absent for three consecutive weeks, and no substitute is available, the League average is used for the person and the handicap is adjusted accordingly. The discretion of the Vice President or Statistician will be used in placing of the substitute bowlers. If a team refuses a substitute, the team will forfeit 10 points per game (which will be added to the handicap).

    10. Team Captains

    It is strongly encouraged that the Team Captains who accept the position for their team assume the full responsibilities of the position. Team Captains are responsible for the following:

      1. A. Collecting all dues from all team members, including substitutes, owed to the League, as well as checking to make sure the dues envelope is accurate before submitting it to the Treasurer.

    B. Completing all score sheets thoroughly, signing the score sheet, and handing it to the Statistician.

    C. Bringing any violations of the rules of bowling to the attention of the Executive Committee at the time of the incident. Do not continue to bowl until the dispute has been resolved.

    D. Attending any special meetings the Executive Committee calls.

    E. Contacting team members if bowling is canceled.

    F. Communicating with team members.

    G. Keeping an accurate roster of team members, addresses, and telephone numbers, and giving any changes to the Secretary.

    H. Serving as a contact for your designated Committee member.

    I. Attempting to resolve minor disputes between bowlers.

    J. Reporting more serious un-sportsmanlike behavior to the Executive Committee for possible disciplinary action.

    11. Members who have bowled less than 15 weeks must pay the full price of the year-end banquet. Those who have bowled more than 15 weeks must pay half-price.

    12. Members must have bowled 15 weeks to be eligible for individual awards, six weeks to be eligible for team awards, and must have their dues paid in full at the end of the season to receive awards.

    13. The Executive Committee will resolve any other circumstances that may arise during the season, which are not covered by the existing rules.



  • 1) Thou shall let the person to the right bowl first.
    Often, two bowlers may be ready to bowl at the same time. It is customary to let the bowler on your right go first even if that bowler is your teammate, a bowler on the opposing team or a bowler from a non-opposing team.
  • 2) Thou shall observe the foul line.
    The foul line shows the point at which you must release the ball. Although you may see some bowlers go over the line slightly, we encourage everyone to try to stay behind the foul line especially at Boston Bowl where the alleys beyond the foul line are extremely slippery.
  • 3) Thou shall not lob the ball.
    A “lobbed” ball is one that flies several feet down the alley, beyond the foul line, before it actually makes contact with the alley.
  • 4) Thou shall not use another bowler's bowling balls.
    Boston Bowl provides house bowling balls for your use. Some bowlers bring their own bowling balls. When in doubt, ask your Team Captain to show you the house bowling balls. Many bowlers have bowling balls that are similar, so please be sure that you are using the right bowling balls.
  • 5) Thou shall be ready to bowl when it is your turn.
    MNBL encourages socializing. In fact, that’s one of the main reasons for the League. If you leave your bowling area to get refreshments, play the lottery, talk to friends, etc., please be considerate of your fellow bowlers and be ready to bowl when it’s your turn.
  • 6) Thou shall keep wet shoes off the alley.
    Moisture causes your shoes to stick to the alleys. When you bowl, you may find that part of your approach (as well as the approach of other bowlers), includes a “sliding step”. As such, any moisture on the alleys will cause bowlers to slip and fall.
  • 7) Thou shall be very careful with food and beverages.
    During the course of the year we will occasionally have food, cake, or other refreshments for all bowlers. Please eat these items in the common area behind the alleys. All beverages with an open-top should also be consumed in the common area. Soda or water bottles with screw-on caps can generally be brought into the scorekeepers’ area providing you reseal the bottle when you are not using it.
  • 8) Thou shall pay your dues each week.
    In addition to bowling fees, the weekly dues are what pay for the league’s parties, prize nights, the Award’s Banquet, etc. You wouldn’t go to see a movie without paying the cost of admission. Please don’t come to bowling without your dues. We are considerate of those times where you may have forgotten your wallet but please don’t make it a habit.
  • 9) Thou shall be considerate of non-smokers.
    Smoking is no longer permitted in most public facilities in Massachusetts so this Commandment is somewhat out-of-date. However, bowlers who go outside to smoke must remove their bowling shoes, or cover them up with shoe cozies, so that you don’t track in moisture and debris from the outside onto the alleys. You should also be considerate of your fellow bowlers and limit your time outside so that you don’t interrupt the normal flow of your team and that of your opposing team.
  • 10)Thou shall enjoy yourself and have a good time.
    After all, that is the main reason why we bowl.

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